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The ESB duel and Luke’s recovery - Art by Ralph McQuarrie

I love this art so much.

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This exquisitely, scrumptiously detailed Library Cake was made by Kathy Knaus. One side features the entrance to the brick library building, flanked by potted plants. The other side reveals the library’s cozy interior, complete with countless books lining its double-decker shelves, a large globe, and a wonderfully cluttered reading table accented with gum drop lamps.

Libraries are awesome places and cake is one of the best things ever, so this sweet, edible library is extra-mega-super-duper awesome.

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Frozen Miniature Book by Little Literature

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Attention Minecraft fans going into grades 6 to 12! There will be a special screening of the Minecraft documentary, Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, at Sellers Library this coming Friday!




Gaston on women’s Lib.

You see this is the sort of thing I like. Because, especially at Disney, you don’t want to really discourage any of those ideals “thinking, having your own ideas” but you also have to stay in character. So you associate those ideals with the princess in the group, the one who the young girl is supposed to idolize. So, while staying in character, Gaston can announce his displeasure for women who read while also encouraging it in a young girl by giving it the good association of Belle. Idk, I always thought those work arounds that Disney villain face characters go through to not be overtly mean to children but stay in character were really interesting.

I just gained so fucking much respect for this Gaston.

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We had really good results with out slime creation at the library!



Science themed crafts today for SRC
Crystal growing
Test tube decoupaging
Science themed bottle cap crafts (magnets)
Glow in the dark Rainbow Loom crafts
Neon colored homemade flubber
Dino dig mobiles
Make your own science journal

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Summer Reading starts next week! : O
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